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State of Wisconsin Association of Neonatal Nurses

New Board Members

Posted almost 3 years ago by Anne Mussatti

Please welcome our new board members for 2016-2017
  • Secretary- Rachael Edjou
  • Treasurer-Jen Schuster
  • Website Director – Anne Mussatti
  • Promotions – Stephanie Nelson
  • President Elect – Heidi Riegel
    (Term is Jan–Dec 2016. Will become president Jan 2017)

We would also like to thank everyone who attended our holiday dinner. Please take a minute to view the updated bylaws and 2016 agenda on the website.

We look forward to a seeing you all in 2016!


Katie Malin over 2 years ago

Welcome new board members! I am excited for another great year for SWANN.

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